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Sprayomer Technology

Reusable Infusion Vacuum Bag


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Take the Sprayomer Challenge

Wanna win $100? Here’s how to try. We believe so strongly in the quality of Sprayomer’s technology that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. Here’s the challenge: If you, or anyone else in your company can tear one of our Sprayomer swatches by hand, we will send you a crisp $100 bill. (Think of the coffee that could buy for your office.)

Challenge Rules:

  1. The material must be torn by hand. No tools can be used. If you stretch the swatch between two forklifts, that doesn’t count.
  2. The material cannot be tampered with. Please don’t heat it with a torch beforehand. We’ll throw the yellow flag on that.
  3. As proof of fair play (and just for fun), please send us a video recording of your team members trying to tear the Sprayomer material. This doesn’t have to be a major production. Just record it with your cell phone and send it to us by email (, or post it online and send us a link.

Click here to request a swatch of Sprayomer material so that you can take the challenge.

Industry Applications

The versatility of Sprayomer technology makes it an ideal process for any manufacturing industry. If you’re using a mold to make your products, the Sprayomer process will help you save time and money.

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Sprayomer Characteristics

Durable, Natural Rubber Our membrane is an engineered natural rubber elastomer. Sustainable, longer life, more durable, and easily disposable. Sprayomer bags have an elongation of 800% at optimum cured thickness. Difficult to damage, puncture or tear.

Reusable The number of cycles of the Sprayomer bag is the highest in the industry. When treated properly, the Sprayomer bag can exceed 250 cyles and in some instances double that number.

Repairable/Economical If a bag is damaged or punctured, it can be repaired, which saves money in rebuild costs and set up time.The Sprayomer system eliminates many of the disposable costs of films, breathers, and tapes.

Sprayable Sprayomer is a patented, sprayable natural rubber elastomer that provides a clean application with a consistent mil thickness. There is no limit to the membrane size that can be constructed.

Net Shaped Build seamless, net shaped vacuum bags in any size or shape. No matter what size, our bags remain the same optimum thickness for a lighter, more durable bag that is easy to handle.

Versatile Easily modified to fit minor changes to a mold. It can accept reasonable preform adjustments without membrane modification. Membrane can be used alone or with the use of a caul plate for a class A finish on both sides of your part.